HD Plasma Cutting

High-definition Plasma Cutting offers a cost efficient alternative where greater tolerances are available.STRUCTA PROFILE has 3 HD Plasma cutters with a combined bed size of 54 x 3.2m.

The equipment can cut stainless and carbon steels up to 35mm thick, with a tolerance of ±1mm or less, depending on material thickness. Oxy fuel cutting options are available up to 300mm thick.

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Laser Cutting

Structa Profile offers one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art CNC Fiber Laser Cutting facilities in South Africa.

HD Plasma Cutting

We have 3 HD Plasma cutters with a combined bed size of 54 x 3.2m.


We have access to a CNC rolling machine with plate widths of 3m maximum.


We have one of the longest plate bending facilities in South Africa.

Beam Drilling

We offer automatic drilling of fabricated and standard structural beam profiles.

Draughting & Engineering

We offer both 3D Cad and engineering


Material Supply

Part of our turnkey service is to acquire materials on behalf of our customers.

Angle Processing

We have a CNC angle punching machine that punches holes into angle iron. At the same time marked with element identifying numbers

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